10 Benefits of Collagen for skin


Benefits of collagen for skin , you’ve probably heard this word while taking about skin treatment or skin ageing , that’s because this protein pays important role on skins youthfulness , collagen benefits for skin for anti-ageing look . “Collagen is basically main building block of our skin .” also found in bones , ligaments and tendons – said doctor.

Collagen is latest buzzword in skin-care and health related things, like so many products out there are made from collagen as it pays major role in wound healing and great anti-ageing protein .

collagen is derived from various type organism that may be fishes, plants and animals like chicken , cow and all animals contains collagen itn there connective tissue .

Food such as meat , pork skin , chicken skin , beef and fish are source of collagen . vitamin C is a crucial for synthesis of collagen . you should eat citrus fruits , broccoli and bell peppers more often to intake more collagen in your body .

collagen for skins benefit

Collagen makes up 75% of support structure of skin , that means collagen is a very important building block of the skin , Collagen is also used in surgeries , collagen thread is used in surgeries that helps in wound healing has anti-microbial properties and most importantly its very beneficial for skin.

what are those factors that causes loss of collagen

The factors that mostly affect the formation of collagen or causes the loss of collagen is the age , collagen starts to degrade with the age and the rate of degradation is mostly depended upon the genetics on an individual . ” our body loose collagen year by year and our body starts producing lower quality collagen “, free radicals present in our skin are the enemies of collagen that damages the collagen .

most importantly UV rays and bad habits such as smoking can damage or reduce the production of collagen in skin , bad lifestyle and poor diet also affects this including high sugar .

  • Change in hormones due to pregnancy , menopause and other health issues.
  • Oxidative stress – bad lifestyle , smoking and bad diet
  • Natural ageing
  • Sun exposure in large amount (UV radiation)
  • Low Vitamin C

How to improve collagen production in body

Best thing you can do for yourself is to quite smoking or never smoke , scientists have suggested that smoking causes free radicals to attack collagen fibrils , and making them weak and poor in quality . you’ve often a smokers skin always looks like damages specially around the mouth area .

  • collagen supplements or collagen tablets can increase collagen production.
  • https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/33742704/ has  concluded the improovement on collagen production .
  • Hyaluronic Acid
  • Vitamin C
  • Aloe vera gel
  • Ginseng
  • Antioxidants.

A diet full of protein rich food can help for the production of collagen in skin . the food rich in zinc , copper and vitamin C can aid to the formation of collagen .


the boost in collagen production can help for various things such as anti-ageing and skin enhancement , improvement in skin elasticity and and keep skin strong by making it more younger

this are some ways to boost collagen production

  • the surgical  treatments such injecting fillers
  • dietary choices that provide antioxidants and nutrients to skin preventing oxidative stress .
  • Applying collagen based creams and products .
  • Oral supplements including hydrolyzed bioactive collagen peptides.

consumption of hydrolyzed collagen can boost the collagen production .

benefits of collagen for skin
collagen food


  • osteoarthritis

As collagen is a bone protein primarily derived from bones , connective tissue it is vary much important in treatment of some diseases as osteoarthritis . it’s also essential for healthy cartilage . taking supplements that contains collagen hydrolysate may increase collagen production , and help to manage the symptoms of osteoarthritis .

  • Reduction of bone loss

Since collagen is an essential protein present in bone marrow the supplementation on collagen may reduce the reduction in bone mass due to ageing . most probably in aged people the supplementation of collagen is very important.

  • Revile in joint pain

The connection tissue present as joint as full of collagen they need collagen for their elasticity and strength so the food / medicine containing collagen may revile the pain causing by Joint pain in old aged people or even in young generation .

  • Boost muscle mass

As one of the most abundant protein in body collagen is an important component of skeletal muscle people with sarcopenia and in those who loss muscle mass due to age . collage promote muscle protein that is creatine .

  • Promotes Heart Health

Collagen provides structure to the arteries which is blood vessel that carries blood from heart to rest of the body . without collagen arteries become less flexible and less elastic that can affect heart health .

  • Other haelth benefits
  • hair & nails – prevents brittleness in nails and helps in growth on hairs and nails .
  • Gut health – treatment of leaky gut syndrome (intestinal permiability).
  • Brain health – reduction of anxiety symptom .
  • Weight loss- faster metabolism.

although some this benefits are assumptions as no scientific has proven it .

benefits of collagen
supplements of collagen

collagen side effects 

Some collagen’s supplements are made food allergens , such as fish , shellfish, eggs etc.  those people who have alergi to these food product should avoid these supplements .

collagen may cause some digestive side effect such as heartburn and feeling of fullness .

but mostly the supplements are safe for most people without any allergies .

Types of collagen

Type 1 – most common type , found in all connective tissue .

Type 2 – found in joints & intervertebral disc

Type 3 –  main component of reticular fibers , found in your skin and blood vessels

Type 4 –  component for your kidney , inner ear and eye lens

Collagen is not only used in beauty products but also in various kinds of surgical treatments and disease treatments such as osteoarthritis , in surgical thread that is used in operations , in wound healing medicines and some other health related treatments for easy healing of treatments and scars of operations .

In some biological dressing collagens are used due to their impermeability to bacteria and it creates most physiological interface between te wound surface and envirnoment .

collagen dressing is mostly used due to its ease of application and being natural , non-immunogenic , non-pyrogenic , hypo-allergenic and pain-freeness of collagen.

no other conventional dressing showed better result in terms of completence of healing of burn and chronic wounds . its avoids the need of skin grafting and it provides the additional advantage of compliance and comfort to the patient .




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