5 Feminist Books you must read

5 Feminist Books you must read

these are 5 feminist books that every person should have on there reading list , If reading books is more than a hobby to you and you are searching for books that are feministic then we have this 5 feminist books suggestion for you that could help you to find your fit

. these books may help you to clear the doubt about feminism and gender equality which is right of every human but somehow due to patriarchial rules of old era and which is not yet changed even though the cities and societies are getting modern the mindset of some people’s are not ready to accept these things .

Feminism for everyone!

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Feminism is more about equality over superioring women’s over men , some these books will give a dive into the history of Feminism. while some will an amazing experience of author and even some real life facts that happens in a women’s life and they have to face it all the time . these 5 feminist books you must read to clear your thoughts.


Genre of these books is ‘feminism’ and it’s not that only female’s must read those books but if you believe that feminism is all about Equality and humanity then you must must must read this 5 books that we’ve mentioned below.


5 Feminist books

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by Roxane Gay

In the age of “problematic faves,” Roxane Gay  being a cultural critic embraces and advocates for the idea of imperfect feminism  in her collection of funny, honest essays in her book and this book is  essay of feministic ides . Roxane Gay said ” IT’S GOOD TO BE A BAD FEMINIST .” those women’s who generally don’t understand the idea of feminism and they think there behavior may fall out of the idea of ‘typical feminist’.

Bad feminist is about Feminism but its mostly about Emotional yearnings that supportdly rational . it has some part of her own experience which is so strong , so skillfully , so beutifully and thoughfully rendered that makes us read the whole book.


by Louisa may alcottt

Louisa has influenced so many young bold generation of unconveintional women . the simplicity of this book makes it a masterpiece . the book holds the joyful and blissful journey for readers. it may not have a huge thought but the simplicity in it makes us bounded to the book . any darn fool can make something complex , it takes a genius to make something simple . – Pete seegar.

some people didn’t like it due to its simple though process and not having anything brillient thought in it but , if you are the who wants to read something may be relevant to you and more simple then you must read the book .


by Rebecca Solnit

Men explain things to me a 2014 essay edition written by American writer Rebecca Solnit. she has mentioned some of own hilariously awful encounters and basically the fact that goes wrong in conversation of men and women , about how men wrongly assume that they know things that you don’t know . the writter is an activist and had wrote over 0 books on feminism , indigenous history , popular power etc .


by Florence given

In the world where everyone is trying to look good for there Instagram / social media , this book is about how patriarchy subconsciously crept into your life . it cover everything from taking pleasure in other women’s flaws to male gaze .


by Mikki Kendall

This book mostly talks about “Intersectionality ” that is all abou feminism that’s conscious of the fact that a woman’s many identities race, class, ethnicity, sexual orientation etc affect she experience disadvantages . she’ve also discussed about acknowledging about Education , Medical care and more when it’s about Feminism .


I hope you like these books .  Whether you’re looking to brush up on the early days of the movement, be inspired by modernday feminist heroes, or witness how far we’ve come, these are the perfect books to pick up for Women’s History , and every other time of year.

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