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Gaurav More

Gaurav More is an Indian Marathi actor who is currently working on the Marathi reality show ” Maharashtrachi Hasyajatra”. Gaurav is one of the finest actor among the cast of the show MHJ , also Gaurav has been Winner of the show in the year 2018 season 1 of the show ” Maharashtrachi Hasyajatra”.

Gaurav is also known for his Marathi play  ‘Maziya Bhaujina Reet Kalena’ , Gaurav has been part of of so many plays and acts in Marathi language . Gaurav has also done a movie named ‘ Gavathi’ which was released in the year 2018 . even after his successful career in the ongoing show ‘Maharashtrachi Hasyajatra’ his roots are still attached the the Theator.

Gaurav More
Gaurav More

gaurav more mhj winner 2018

Gaurav who is often known as Gaurya has the winner of the show  ‘Maharashtrachi Hasyajatra’ of season 1 in the year 2018 .  Gaurav along with his co-actor Vanita Kharat  won the show Maharashtrachi Hasyajatra i 2018 . Vanita is an indian marathi actress known for her role of house-keeper in the blockbaster hindi movie of shahid kapoor ‘ Kabir Singh’ .

Gaurav is Indian by nationality  and he belongs the Hindu Religion . Gaurav has also worked in Hindi language movie like Sanju , Kamiyab and Zoya factor . Gaurav is always introduced as ‘ Filter Padyacha Bachhan’


Gaurav is also known as ‘ Gaurya’ his profession is acting and comedy . Gaurav’s birth place is mumbai . and also his hometown in mumbai . zodiac sign of gaurav is Capricon and gaurav is born on 1 january 1970 .  his wieght is 60 kg. his height is 5′ feet 5′ inch  his eye colour is black and hair colour is also black .


Gaurav more is a graduate and he did his schooling in mumbai and his graduation from S.K. Somaiya College , mumbai .

Gaurav lives in Powai- Filter Pada mumbai . along with his work in marathi industry he has done some work in Hindi indusrty also as in the movie Sanju he played role of spotbot and get everybodies attention to him through his acting .


Gaurav started his career by participating in drama and play’s during his collage days , and taking part in comipetitions . ‘ Jalu Bai Halu ‘ is the first commercial play of Gaurav more. During which he met Prasad Khandekar  who is his collegue in the ongoing show Maharashtrachi Hasyajatra .

He started working with Prasad Khandekar in many play’s and drama’s . GAurav did his first debut in bollywood in the movie ‘ Thoda Pyar Thoda Magic ‘ in 2008 , Later in 2010 he did his debut in Marathi industry in zee marathi show ‘ Maziya Priyala Prit Kalena ‘ , also he worked in Rajkumar Hiranis movie ‘ Sanju’ where he was a Spotboy .

gaurav has also worked in marathi movie Vicky Welingekar . he has also worked in some hindi movies such as ‘ Zoya Factor ‘ and ‘ Kamyab’ . Currently gaurav is working on tha Marathi comedy show which is aired on a marathi channel Sony Marathi. named ‘ Maharashtrachi Hasyajatra ‘ .

Gaurav More
Gaurav More

Gaurav got his identity from his village movie which was starring shrikant patil , from then gaurav has his place in the heart of audience and not everybody has the talent of getting a punch or a joke on themselves and make people laugh thats the beaty of the acts of gaurav’s performences in every skits .

currently he is working with Vanita KharatShivali ParabOmkar BhojnePrasad KhandekarNamrata Sambheraonsamir choughule  and others as his collegues , in the show Maharashtrachi Hasyajatra . gaurav started working with prasad khandekar in the plays and skits written by prasad khandekar .





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