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Prasad Khandekar is an Indian Marathi actor know for his amazing comedy and writings.  Prasad Khandekar’s full name is ‘Prasad Mahadev Khandekar’. Prasad is currently working on a Marathi comedy show which is much famous these day’s , prasad is contributing in this by his fabulous acting and writing skills.

Prasad is also called as Slow-Man as he has done his memorable work in his skit in the marathi comedy show “maharashtrachi hasyajatra” , which is aired in a marathi TV channelp Sony Marathi .


Prasad has great comic timing and he is also called as “slow-man” for his one the skit’s charecter that he played in Maharashtrachi Hasyajatra show . Prasad Khandekar is contineouslt actie on instagram where he post’s his and family members photos along with his acts and reels. prasad has done some remarkable roles in MHJ that’ve been memorable for his fan’s .

The slow-man , Omkya cha pappa and mostly his roles with miss Lolly Namrata Sambherao. This duo has different fan base the duo always keeps  on adding some extra magical spice to their skit thats leaves their fan’s laughing to the tears .

Prasad often does skits with ms. Lolly and his fan’s loves that duo . that skits always has something hilariouslly funny jokes that are a bit adult and makes their fan’s laugh to the tears. prasad is numourso times been complimented for his writing and acting skills and also for his comic timings . prasad khandekar  has given his special appearence in  marathi as well as hindi tv series and movies.

Prasad Khandekar
prasad khandekar image – biography in marathi


Name               –    Prasad Khandekar

Nickname       –    Prasad

Profession      –    Actor , Comedian , Writer.

Birth place     –    1 Jan 1970

Hometown     –   Mumbai

Nationality     –   Indian


Prasad Khandekar is happily married to Alpa Khandekar , the couple has a sweet liittle baby boy named ‘ Shlock Khandekar ” . Prasad’s wife Alpa likes baking Cake and made homemade chocolates she likes to travvel and the couplle often spotted at the tourists destination . prasad keep on posting their pictures whenever they travel .


Prasad has also worked in various serials and plays such as Mia Bibi Aur Murder( 2022) , Dil toh Bachha haiji , sin will wake up , Shodha akabar , and Amhi pachapute.  Prasad khandekar is a great actor and a writer and he has done various roles in marathi and hindi TV show .

Prasad is currently working on a marathi comedy show ” Maharashtrachi Hasyajatra” where he is contributing with his acting and writing skills . he never fails to make his fan’s laugh to the tears and he also works with samir choughule who also work’s in the same show.

Prasad is an established actor and his show is aired on Sony Marathi channel. Prasad has written the story linne if “Liftman” and worked in so many plays , prasad will be seen in his upcoming tv seeries “After Operation London Cafe”.


  • Prasad is working at a marathi comedy show where he found a proper platform to express his talent.
  • Prasad Khandekar is going to be seen in his upcoming TVV series Mia Biwi Aur Murder .
  • Prasad khandekaar is marriess to alpa khandekar and the couple so lovable
  • Prasad generally a bit secreative about his family
  • Prasad doesnt share any detail’s about his family more often .
  • Prasad and samir likes to work with each other in MHJ
  • Prasad likes to travel
  • Prasad preffers spending time with his family more often.
  • Prasad khandekar is a versatile actor who has done so many rles in his own written and other skits and he has done very gracefully that the judges always loves his performance.
  • Prasad lives in Mumbai, Maharashtra.





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