Rana Naidu Netflix series 2023

Rana Naidu ( Netflix series 2023 )

Rana naidu (netflix series 2023)
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in Rana Naidu Netflix series 2023 Rana is a problem solver for all those rich and famous celebrities . The role is played by Rana Dagubbati who is famous south actor known for his fabulous work in movies such as ” Bahubali part 1 ” and “Bahubali part 2 ” . Surveen Chawla one of the finest actress has played the role of his wife in Rana Naidu ( Rana Naidu Netflix series 2023 ) .

Rana naidu is a problem solver of Bollywood but there is a twist when his father ‘Naga Naidu ‘ releases from the Jail . It becomes hard for him to solve his own family problem after it , This series is very unique with something new in it you will definetly love it . This series is of total 10 episodes . The role of Rana Naidu’s father is played by Daggubati Venktesh . 

Rana Naidu is a Indian Hindi language series , crime , drama , thrill and its streming on Netflix . the direction is done by Karan Anshuman and Suparn Verma . this is official adaptation of 2013’s crime tv series called Ray Donovan . Series released on 10 march 22023, on netflix .

The narration of story is by Karmanya ahuja , ananya mody , b.v.c. Ravi , vaibhav vishal , karan anshuman . and most importently the  dialogues of Rana Naidu are written by Vaibhav Vishal .

When you start watching  a movie or a series you can guess what can happen next but this is not the case here , after the first episode you’ll be curious to know what happens next . that’s the main beuty of this series that keeps it’s watchers connected to the series. The Rana Niadu thriller series is available to watch on netflix from 10 march 2023 .

rana naidu (netflix series 2023)
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Rana Daggubati is south indian actor who is engaged to his girlfriend Miheeka bajaj , who is the fouder of Dew drop design studio , on 20 may 2020 , engagemed done at Ramanaidu studio . They got married on 8 august 2020 at same venue .

Key Words – Rana Naidu Netflix series 2023 ,

Rana Naidu is a private agent that helps in settlment of problems of celebrities , but when his father ‘ naga naidu’ releases from jail , his own life becomes full of problem . while watching the series you’ll bounce from naga’s side to Rana’s side and vise versa for several time’s as both appears to be true on there side of story .

The main twist is added when Naga comes to know that Hia own child Rana make him go to the jail by betraying him . Rana is dealing with several problems at once and his life becomes full of complication , but rana is being rana he came to solve those problems .

Surveen being his wife has played an amazing role of Naina Naidu she a mother of 2 she is modern mother and an ex-actress in the series , who left her career behind for her love Rana . surveen’s role was like a typial wife who keep on asking quentions to her husband rana , but he didn’t ever answer her .

Surveen should be given a role where she is more than just  a mother and a wife . as surveen has done so many badass roles in her career like in sacred games . surveen is a supportive a lovable and a modern mother who gave up career for her family .

rana later on get almost cought by a CBI officer and Naga saved rana being his father . lots of misunderstanding’s in past has made rana to hate his father this much , Naga always loved his family but he was not good as expressing his feelings ,  at the end of the season both them mutually decides that naga will leave the city , but rana belived that naga will come again , and that’s when the season ends . ( Rana Naidu Netflix series 2023 )



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