samir choughule

samir choughule 

Samir choughule is marathi actor and a writer also known as ‘Samir Diwakar Choughule’ , born on 29 June 1973 and he lives in Mumbai, India. He is mostly known for his comedy and acting , currently he is performer in the famous marathi comedy show “Maharashtrachi Hasyajatra” which is telecasted on . samir has also acted in Hindi and English shows . samir choughule is a versatile actor . Sony marathi channel. the show is hosted by an indian marathi actress and anchor prajakta mali .

‘Maharashtrachi Hasyajatra’ is marathi comedy show judged by ‘sai tamhanakar ‘ and ‘prasad oak’ . his has done so many signature roles in his skit in the show , vishakha subedaar is his best partner in play and they both have done so many skit’s together and fan’s loved to see them doing work on same skit together . as duo is well know for the “boss and employee” skit.

Life and Career 

“Shailendra Education Society” where samir did his schooling and his graduation in 1993,from “M L Dahanukar College of Commerce”. His first interest was sports, but he started acting, after it school and college gave him success and encouragement for his acting . After completion of education, Samir started working in Mumbai and took a full-time career by the start of 2002.

samir choughule
samir choughule.

since then he started doing drama , TV serials, movies and so more . he is a team lead in maharashtrachi hasyajatra which is an ongoing and well known marathi comedy show.samir also contributes in “Saamana” e-paper under the column “Fulora” in which samir writes about various flavors of life.

Samir is married to Kavita and the couple live in Virar-nalasopara area.


Samir choughule is Marathi actor and he has played in following plays:

  • Asa Mi Asa Mi
  • Varya Varchi varat
  • Vyakti Ani Valli
  • Yada kadachit
  • Chalre Bhoplya Tunuk Tunuk
  • Balak Palak
  • Shri Bai Samartha
  • Carry On Heavens (Hinglish drama by Bharat Dabholkar)
  • Best of Bottoms Up (English Drama)
  • Hyancha Kaay Karaaycha

TV Appearances

Samir has acted in TV serials listed below :

Samir choughule is also awarded by “Sanskruti kaladarpan Natya vibhag” in 2016 and  “Zee Natya Gourav Puraskar” in  2015  for  Best Comedy Actor in drama – ‘Balak Palak’.


Samir has done many lead and special appearance in few movies mentioned below

  • Kaydyacha Bola
  • Mumbai Meri Jaan
  • Aajcha Divas Majha
  • Vakratunda Mahakaarya
  • A Paying Ghost
  • Mumbai Time
  • Vikun Taak
  • Chandramukhi

Samir has a lot of signatures acts he has done in ” maharashtrachi hasyajatra ” , his unique voice of door opening , the funiest style of talking in hindi and some other things that he do to makes his fan’s laugh , are now so famous the act he wrote always makes everybody laughing to the tears . samir is versatile actor a writer and now also known for is funny dance that made his fans go crazy . 

Samir being a comedy actor his Instagram bio is “हस्यमेव जयते”. 

samir choughule
samir choughule.


Samir is Hindu by religion and his zodiac sign in Cancer , his height is 172 cm , weight 62 kg .

Samir has one brother and a sister , samir is married to ‘Kavita Choughule ‘ and his father’s name is ‘Diwakar Choughule’. he is 50 years old ( in 2023) . He is a regular on TV shows such as Maharashtrachi Hasya Jatra and is considered a legend due to his comic timing and acting abilities. samir’s mothers name is not knows yet .

he has also played his role in movie ‘ Mumbai meri jaan ‘ . and marathi movie ‘kayadyacha bola’ and also ‘chandramukhi’ . 


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