Vanita Kharat , Marriage , MHJ Fame , Fimlography 2023, get to know more about vanita kharat

Vanita Kharat

Vanita Kharat is an Indian Marathi Actress who is known for her comedy and acting she is doing work in most popular Marathi comedy reality show “Maharashtrachi Hasyajatra” where she get a prfect platform to show her talent in acting and comedy . vanita is a confident and beautiful actress of Maharashtra who slayed both the Marathi and Hindi film Industry.

Vanita set an example for those who are talented but not confident due to their personal insecurities and less confidence , vanita did a bold photoshoot showing half of her body hiding behind a blueish white kite, with an amazing caption of body positivity.

Vanita Kharat
Vanita kharat
Vanita Kharat husand

Vanita recently gor married to her long-time boyfriend Sahil Londhe on february 2 , Vanita and was dating from very long and the beutiful couple got married this year on february 2 , the couples pre-wedding and wedding photos got viral on social media these days. The majority of the show MHJ attenedend her grand wedding , her followers and co-workers congragulate the couple in large number.

Vanita and his husband Sahil londhe kissed at their wedding and the photo got viral as the netizens loved the chemistry between both of them , vanita and summet get a lot wishes and cheers for their wedding . the couple has an amazing photoshoot in which Vanita is looking adourable and beutifully smiling with his husband Sahil Londhe.

The happy couple posted pjotos and get a lots of likes and comments along with best wishes. and their friends and family also danced on the occasion of their marriage . Vanita got married to Sahil Londhe who is a Photographer and a vediographer and also a blogger. he loved travelling and keep on posting the photos and writing blogs .  the beautifull couple got married on 2 feb 2023.

Vanita Kharat
Vanita Kharat

Vanita Kharat in Kabir Singh

Vanita Kharat has played her role in Kabir singh movie in which she was kabir’s maid and when she end up breaking the glass kabir runs after her making it an iconic comedy scene . vanita start running to the death and the scene went viral on social media , vanita starts getting known to more fans and got so many new followers on social media.

Kabir Singh was a hit movie and Vanita Kharat got a chance to work with an iconic Hindi film star Shahid Kapoor , she played a short role but it went viral and audience end up laughing to the tears.

Vanita Kharat
vanita with shahid

Vanita Kharat in MHJ

Vanita Kharat is a household actress in the marathi comedy show MHJ in which she have played so many roles and charecter’s she’ve played a role of ‘Mami’ of gaurav more which is a remarkable charecter and judges loved the skit everytime. the show is aired on a marathi channel Sony Marathi.

Vanita also play the role of mother in law of Namrata Sambheraon and chetana bhatt  which is loved by her fans vanita is famous and well know condestent of the show and her fans always looks forword for her upcoming skit . Vanita played a role of bhojpuri bhabhi which make her fans laugh evertime and she is also a good dancer .

Vanita also works with well known and famous actor and actresses Shivali Parab Biography, Omkar Bhojne , Prasad Khandekar , Namrata Sambheraon, samir choughule and the show is hosted by very beutiful and verstile Prajakta Mali .

CAREER of Vanita Kharat , Vanita Kharat comedy

Vanita is a well-known and famous actor in both marathi and hindi industry she has notable work in ‘vicky velingkar’ , ‘Maharashtrachi hasyajatra ‘ and  ‘ Kabir singh’ which was a very acclaimed film of Shahid Kapoor . Vanita has also played her role in numer of drama and play’s . the scene from the movie kabir singh where shahid is running to catch her as she broke his glass and the scene went viral as people started creating memes on it and netizen’s loved the scene .

Then after Shahid and Vanita were reunited at an award show where they recreated the scene but with the twist as shahid get yelled by Vanita for over-reacting that makes the audience laugh . Vanita is quite active on Instagram where she keep on posting her photos and stories , she recently posted her marriage photos that went viral and get a lot’s of comments saying congragulations to the couple for getting maried on 2 feb .

Also in recent body positivity posts Vanita is seen behind a white kite where she covered her half body looking confident and gourgeous , her hairs was curly and she was smiling with confident. this post of her made her fan’s crazy . she captioned it that  “I am proud of my talent, my passion, my confidence, I am proud of my body… because I am ME…!!!”  “Let’s get together to join this Body Positivity Movement.”

Vanita Kharat
Vanita Kharat

Vanita showed that the our insecurities are just us not feeling good about it if we are confident on what we are and what we see the mirror everyday , then the world is not gonna gonna see our insecurities but the talent and capabilities of us that we have.

Vanita was also seen in a marathi Web-series “Ranbajar” in which she was a lady-constable ans as usual she slayed n the role , it was realistic and amazing to watch her into this awatar along with Prajakta Mali. the series was an amazing series which is loved by the fans and also vanita played the role very beutifully as if she is a real life constable .

Vanita is a versatile and a fabulous actress and she is known for her amazing acting , comedy and great comic timing she is a well known actress and she is currently working in the marathi comedy show ‘ Maharashtrachi Hadyajatra’ . which is famous and most watched Marathi comedy show , which aired on marathi channel Sony Marathi .


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